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If you find yourself in the religious "capital" of India, Pushkar, then you're going to want the best place to stay. Check out my 10 best hotels in Pushkar
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Bradley and I visited wonderful Pushkar on our trip through India. Pushkar is a very religious place, probably considered the most religious place in all of India.

And this is what makes it unique. You can’t eat meat, you can’t drink, and you have to show respect (which should be a given).

One of the things I loved most about Pushkar was the beautiful surroundings of the area. It’s placed within the countryside, so if you’ve just come from manic Jaipur or even Jodhpur then it’s a welcome sight.

It even gets a cool in the evenings here! I hadn’t felt cool air in weeks. Anyway, to ensure you get the most out of your stay in Pushkar, I’ve created a post on the 10 best hotels in Pushkar for backpackers.

Lots of these options are perfect for couple backpackers (because that’s what Bradley and I are), but I’ve also highlighted my top pick for solo backpackers and groups of backpacker friends.

I hope you enjoy!

Please Note: All the links I’ve provided are through to Booking. Com for all of the Pushkar Hotels. This is simply because it’s the only website I use across the world (Apart from Airbnb for long term stays), and they offer the best price, choice and great genius perks.

It won’t cost you any extra clicking on my link- don’t worry!

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The 10 best hotels in Pushkar

1. The Country Side Resorts $$

I am going to start with the accommodation in Pushkar that Bradley and I actually stayed in.

This was one of my favourite properties in all of India. It’s got great reviews, it’s a great price, it’s in the countryside, and oh, it’s got a swimming pool! (That usually sells me! :P)

The properties location makes you feel like you’ve got all of Pushkar to yourself. The rooms are beautifully decorated, the staff are excellent and are happy to help in any way they can, and I thought the food at the restaurant was delicious and great value.

You’ve even got beautiful views of the mountain and the cable car which makes a perfect setting for an evening drink in the garden.

We stayed in a double room, but you can get accommodation in huts and cottages too, but that will cost a little extra.

Find the best deals for The Country Side Resort in Pushkar Here.

This property accepts card.

countryside resorts hotel

2. Zostel Pushkar $

This is my pick of hotels in Pushkar for solo backpackers. The reason being is that it’s super modern, popular and you will find lots of backpackers to make friends with and chill with.

This is such a quirky and high quality hostel. It’s got an amazing swimming pool, chill area and you can partake in yoga amongst other activities. There is also different variations of rooms available from dorm room, double room and even a suite!

So, if you’re a couple backpacker wanting to meet other backpackers then this is a good choice too!

It’s also got really good wifi which is important for digital nomads (like meeee).

Ps, Zostel is a chain of hostels throughout India, so if you find you like them, book as soon as possible for other hostels because this place books up fast due to popularity!

It wasn’t available for Brad and I’s dates.

This property accepts card.

Find the best deal for Zostel Pushkar here.

3. Hotel Rising Star $$

This was the other hotel we were going to stay at, but I opted for the Countryside resorts instead due to the pool. But if you want Indian authenticity, then this is the place for you.

It’s beautifully decorated, with fantastic staff, views and food. Plus it’s got great wifi and in a brilliant location. Rooms come in twin, double, and you can get a balcony view for extra.

I wish I could have stayed here just because of how beautiful it looks!

It’s also 700m from the lake which is perfect.

This property accepts card.

Find the best deals for Hotel Rising Star in Pushkar here.

4. Hotel U-Turn $

This beautiful hotel overlooks the iconic and religious Pushkar lake meaning you’ve got stunning views to wake up to. Highly rated for it’s friendly and attentive staff, it’s great air conditioning and food, this is a great value pick with rooms starting at just £9 per room per night (that’s 4.50 a night each!)

There is even an in-house restaurant to stop you from going hungry. Please note this property only accepts cash.

For the best deals for Hotel U-Turn click here.

5. Gulaab Niwaas Palace $$$

Backpacker doesn’t mean cheap (btw), which lots of people often think, so I think this is a great option for those luxury backpackers who like to stay somewhere nice, but still for an absolute great price compared to prices for similar in the UK, USA and even Europe.

If you want to feel like a prince or princess, then stay in a palace! This property is only 10 minutes from the brilliant Pushkar market and it offers views across the city.

Rooms are spacious, there is an on-site restaurant and staff will do all they can to make your stay comfortable.

It even features an outdoor sky pool for relaxing after sightseeing. Please note this property does take card payments and rooms start at just $70.

Find the best deals for Gulaab Niwaas Palace here.

sunset view

6. Pushkar Resort $$$$

Okay, this one is for the very luxurious travellers or even those couples celebrating an anniversary or honeymoon. It’s beautiful.

World class service, uber modern design, on-site bar, restaurant and spa, fantastic swimming pool, table tennis and much more.

Dine under the stars in the evening, and relax by the pool in the day.

This resort is surrounded by nature and makes you feel like you are in your own little world. Bliss.

It’s pricey, but if you want a memorable experience then you’ll find it here. Prices start at around $120 and the property takes card payment.

Find the best deals for Pushkar Resort here.

7. Pushkar Cooking Art and Home Stay $$

Every good list for the best hotels in Pushkar for backpackers has to have a homestay on the list.

Homestays are the most authentic and effective ways of experience true local culture, and this one is highly rated. (a 9.5 rating on booking as of 2019 really says it all!)

The rooms are beautifully decorated, bright and bubbly, like the hosts! Breakfast is included and of you’ll get the chance to create your own delicious Indian food.

Prices start at $27 and the property does accept card payments.

For the best deals on Pushkar Art and Home Stay, click here.

8. Backpacker Panda Chand palace  $

Backpacker Panda is a hotel chain that runs throughout India and Bradley and I stayed in one during our stay in Mumbai. It’s got a really good backpacker vibe with super friendly staff. It’s cheap, clean and cheerful.

They also like to get guests to interact so try and organise activities, perfect if you’re a solo backpacker or simply want to meet other people!

This backpacker panda offers you accommodation in a tent, which is pretty darn cool! But you can also choose from dorm rooms, double beds and twin beds which makes it a great option for everyone. Oh, and it has a cool swimming pool!

Prices start at just $15.

Find the best deals for Backpackers Panda Chand Palace here.

9. Pushkar Karni Camp  $$

Pushkar is quite famous for its camel festival and the fact you can visit the desert and walk with the camels, so if you want to camp out in Pushkar (in style) then this is a great option.

Think of luxury tented accommodation in the desert and you can imagine this place. Breakfast is included and it’s been pinned as a “one in a lifetime experience”.

Not bad eh! You can even choose an option which includes lunch and dinner too, for an extra small fee, which is probably worth it considering your surroundings!

Card is accepted.

Find the best deals for Pushkar Karni Camp here

camel in pushkar

10. Moustache Pushkar $

Last, but certainly not least on my list of the best hotels in Pushkar, we have Moustache Pushkar.

This is a great hostel with a fantastic vibe, staff and facilities. It’s set in a great location and offers a range of sleeping arrangements from double beds, dorms and twin beds. They even offer free yoga!

Find the best deals for Moustache Pushkar here.

Other accommodation in Pushkar:

If you’re looking for 5 star hotels in Pushkar then check these out:

So now that we’ve found you the best hotels in Pushkar on offer, it’s time to have a quick look at the best things to do there, and more importantly, how to actually get there.

What is there to do in Pushkar?

There are lots of brilliant things to do in Pushkar and I recommend a stay of 2 nights to do them all, 3 nights if you’re opting for a camel safari.

Also, if you are booking accommodation around the camel safari or even Diwali, book well in advance as it all gets sold out quickly!

I’ve done a whole guide on the best things to do in Pushkar here. But here are my top 4:

1. Get a blessing at Pushkar Lake

This is a unique experience that truly gives you insight to the religious heritage of India and its importance for the people.  Pushkar lake is also a beautiful setting for a romantic dinner.

2. Visit a camel safari

If you love camels then see them in their (What should be) natural environment and camp under the stars in the beautiful desert.

3. Go shopping at Pushkar Market

It’s one of the greatest markets and it’s filled with everything! Clothes are super cheap, and I got myself a spice grinder for $2, which in the UK would be about £12-14.

markets in pushkar

4. Visit the Brahma temple

It’s the temple that Pushkar is most famous for and people flock from all over India to visit it. There is only one temple dedicated to him in India and it’s here.

Search for all hotels in Pushkar here.

temple in pushkar

How to get to Pushkar

It’s quite easy to get to Pushkar regardless of the direction you are coming from.

You need to get a train to a place called Ajmer which is a city and the nearest stop to Pushkar, then you get an uber or bus to Pushkar from there.

The uber is about $2 and it’s only a 20 minute journey so I would recommend that.

Tip: if the taxi drivers outside see you’re on your phone, they assume you’re on uber and they will shout out a cheaper price to you, so take it!

There are buses and minivans that go to Pushkar from the train station, but I didn’t see any when I was there. It’s best to just ask a local about that when you arrive.

So there you have it, a list of the 10 best hotels in Pushkar for backpackers. If you’ve stayed in accommodation that you think should make this list, then leave me a comment below!

Also, if you’re wondering where to go after your visit to Pushkar, then check out my guides on Jaipur, and Jodhpur for inspiration. The pink city and blue city are both atmospheric, beautiful and have great places to stay too.

But for now, I leave you with my 10 best hotels in Pushkar for backpackers!

Happy travelling.

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