travelling bolivia with type 1 diabetes
Travelling Bolivia With Type 1 Diabetes
In 2016 we spent 3 weeks in Bolivia and it was wonderful, however, diabetes can present some challenges...keep reading to find out how to deal with them!
Cazzy Magennis
July 18, 2018
City Break
Travelling in Potosi in Bolivia
Three Days Travelling In Potosí
Potosi is filled with character and charm, and it was our second stop in beautiful Bolivia, keeping reading below to find out what we got up to...
Cazzy Magennis
February 28, 2017
Type 1 diabetics in Bolivia
Our Fundraising Campaign For Type 1 Diabetics In Bolivia
We want to summarise why we decided to raise money for diabetics in Bolivia during our travels in South America, and what your funds will be going towards.
Cazzy Magennis
September 5, 2016