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What Excites Me Most About Our Trip To South America

Written By:
Bradley Williams
Last Updated:
March 31, 2020
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It is now less than 5 weeks before we fly to South America and begin our 4-month journey around one of the most diverse continents on our planet.
Bradley and Cazzy
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We start in the built up and densely populated city of Rio De Janeiro, but it won’t be long till we are immersed in the beauty of the Amazon rainforest, or swimming in the vast stretch crystal clear 23°C ocean. It is at the point where it is so hard to now contain my excitement. 

We are close enough now that the dream is finally becoming a reality and it is sinking in that soon we will be going and that all of the planning and saving is coming to a head; but at the same time it is still far enough away that I’m not yet able to properly step back from work here and commit myself to packing and readying the last few things for the trip. 

So as ways to release some of this tension and to let you guys know where I’m at I wanted to write up some of the things I am most excited for. 



Belem to Manaus river cruise  

I wasn’t going to make this into an ordered list but this one is by far the top of my list! I absolutely love adventure and high paced sports and experiences but the thought of spending 5 days just chilling in a hammock cruising down a still largely untouched environment packed full of nature and simply the sounds of the Amazon rainforest is an ever tantalising thought for me… I truly cannot wait for this!

Lençóis Maranhenses 

I imagine very few of you will have a clue what this is, and neither did I until I woke up one morning and watched a video published on Facebook. We had already planned our route up the Eastern coast of Brazil, but this stop fitted in perfectly and we decided immediately that we had to go there. Just take a look at the photo below!!!! There are crystal blue warm lagoons nestled in amongst a plateau filled with huge sand dunes! It is as simple as that, how could you not be overwhelmed by the look of that. Here’s a link to more about it

‍Lençóis Maranhenses
‍Lençóis Maranhenses 

Paragliding in Rio  

I have friends who have done this and I’ve been told the views are breath-taking and it’s such a rush. I’ve never had the opportunity to paraglide before, so even better that I get to do it off a mountain in Brazil!

Learning to tango in Buenos Aires 

Anyone who knows me will tell you that dancing is definitely not my thing. It normally takes a few drinks to get me anywhere near a dance floor but for Buenos Aires I am willing to make the exception! Apparently there are free lessons going on in the streets of a night time and I have a great image in my head of what we will look like, I just hope we don’t make too big a fool of ourselves.

Going right to the South of South America

This was not initially a part of our route until very recently. Because of the extra costs associated with travelling to the Southern point of Patagonia we were going to give it a miss for the future. But upon looking into Chile we realised we can’t fly 5,000 miles around the world and then not go the extra couple hundred! We will be journeying to the southernmost point before you then have to cross the sea to Antarctica. I think the colder weather will also be a nice break from the heat of the Amazon!

Me, excited
So much still to plan, but the end is near!



After 3 years at University I got a great experience of what freedom is and what it’s like to live on your own. For me being back home for long stretches of time can therefore prove challenging; so, not that I don’t love seeing more of my family, I am looking forward to it being just me and Cazzy against the world and making our own choices and living by our own rules.


I’ve mentioned this a few times in other posts, but I am genuinely very excited to be able to meet new people, and thus be immersed in their way of life. Getting to try new foods, speak new languages and see how others live their lives.

Raising awareness on Type 1 Diabetes 

This is of course the most important one and I was not going to leave it out! This is after all a travel blog to motivate young people with Type 1 to travel. However, equally important to me is that I can get as many non-Type 1’s as possible to read some of the posts here and to dispel many of the disbeliefs they may have. We have some exciting ideas on how to do this and we will be sharing them with you very soon :)

Getting some serious sun! 

Things have been pretty good here so far these last few weeks in the UK, but I just wanted to chuck this one into the list.

Swimming in warm water 

In general I love being able to swim. The UK’s climate rarely offers the good chance to jump into a lake or swim in the sea, and even when it does it’s still too cold to last for very long. So, in general I’m looking forward to jumping into the warm Atlantic Ocean on a hot day to cool down. But I have been warned about sharks at certain locations!

Meeting like-minded people 

This is a big one for me. From speaking to people who have experienced the backpacker life, they have said that the people you meet in hostels and the experiences you have with them are what truly make traveling. I am not one to stay in fancy hotels, but am much more at home chilling round a campfire under the stars, having a few beers and sharing ideas with young people who share my ambitions.

Getting to use our new GoPro 

We bought this the other day and it is going to be getting some serious use!

Thanks for reading and if anyone has anything to share please comment below.

Better yet … is there anything else I SHOULD be looking forward to and missed out then please let me know.

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