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Setting Yourself Goals, And Why Travelling Might Be For You!

Written By:
Bradley Williams
Last Updated:
December 9, 2018
I wanted to take a step back from all the hype that can sometimes be associated with travelling. This isn’t to say it’s amazing because of course it is!
Map of the world
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For some people it can be a life changing opportunity and the best experience of their lives and will leave an everlasting positive effect on who they are as a person and help them to clarify what it is in life. (I’m hoping for this to be me!). But this doesn’t necessarily mean everyone will take the same journey. 

Many may still want to travel but not in the same manner as me. A year can seem a long way to be away from home, and may not be what they want. I have friends who have no desire whatsoever to live in hostels and put their bag into a rucksack and prefer the comforts of home. This seems strange to me, but I guess what I say must equally seem strange to them.

I hope from this article you may take the time to think and clarify exactly why you want to travel, what it is you would like to accomplish and to give you a clearer mind-set of what your journey may be. Please note, this is completely my opinion and the way I find it useful to approach this question. I’d be interested to hear your thoughts, and maybe it might just help someone.


The system

Step 1: How are things in your life right now:

a)      What are you not happy with?

b)      What’s amazing?

Step 2: What do you think is causing this difference between a & b?:

e.g. … Always thought you’d accomplish more … Hate your job …no family or friends near you … something has happened and made you deeply and happy … you haven’t pushed yourself enough yet

Step 3: Set yourself some goals:

e.g … Earn  £50,000 … Work from home/on the road …  Have a family in 5 years … Be happy! … Meet 10 new people in the next 2 weeks …   This really can be anything that you think is realistically achievable and that would help fill that difference between happiness and frustration discussed in step 1.

Step 4: Will any of the following reasons help bring you closer or further away from the goals you have set yourself:  

(They don’t have to solve every problem but this is more to give you a taster for some of the reasons people like to travel)

·         Freeing yourself from the world around you

·         A chance to start over (leave the past behind)

·         Meeting and experiencing new cultures and beliefs, and ways of living

·         Discover new and exciting places to live and work (or not one specific destination – just like us!)

·         To take a break

·         Seeing parts of the world before you are more limited by chia family and a house

-         Helping you realise better who you want to be as a person

setting goals
Setting goals is by far the best way to getting the results you want

My own example:

Step 1:

a) What makes me unhappy

I fear slipping into the routine of a 9-5 job

I want my own permanent freedom to make my own decisions

I am uncertain as to how I will make money and what my career will be precisely

I am scared to commit to things long term in fear that will disrupt me being able to do everything I want while I’m young

b) What’s amazing about my life:

I have a great friendship group, family and relationship

I’ve had the opportunity to go to university and experience freedom on my own

I am fit and healthy and have great aspirations for my future

Me graduating University
Graduating University had been my target for years! This was a proud day all round

Step 2

What are the reasons for this difference:

I don’t feel like I have seen enough of the world as of yet

I’m scared i will slip into a lifestyle whereby I can’t just up and leave at a moments notice (i love my flexibility in this area)

I feel like I’m meant for more, but in my current situation I don’t feel like I can reach that potential

Step 3:


  • Find a way to continue to learn in everything I do at the moment, money isn’t everything at the moment
  • Develop my understanding of online marketing and advertising in order to create a possible long term more nomadic working style
  • Within 3 years be financially stable enough to work from any destination
  • To be happy
  • Many people have disagreed with me when I say this, because it’s too broad and in general breaks the rules of setting “SMART” goals. However for me I take this to mean that every time I make a mildly important decision i ask myself “will this make me happy?”.
  • By the way the idea of SMART goals has been extremely helpful to me over the past few years, I strongly recommend giving the article a read here.

Step 4:

Can travelling help me accomplish my goals?

  • It gives me the freedom to get away from home and create my own rules
  • I can meet new cultures and experience new ways of life, which can help me decide who I may want to be as a person, as well as who I am now
  • Allows me to start a travel blog and share my ideas and start discussions
  • The ability to get some of this travelling out of my system before I settle down and start a family - which is very important to me

Again, i just wanted to reiterate that travelling isn’t for everyone and I am not trying to say that i think everyone should do it. But for those of you who have an incline it may be the right thing to do and who are keen to get away then i say “DO IT!” Why not while you have the chance!

I encourage you to share your thoughts below, and thank you for reading.

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