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Project 2: Test Strips

Written By:
Cazzy Magennis
Last Updated:
December 8, 2018
Charity Project in Bolivia
In Bolivia at the moment, due to a lack of Government subsidy and support, test strips are both very expensive and also very hard to come by for type 1's.
Type 1 diabetic charity Bolivia children
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As well as this, the average monthly wage in Bolivia is roughly equivalent to £300. Test strips cost about 90p each. So say they use just 3 a day, over the course of the month that is £81 a month on test strips alone!


This means that the children have no long term sustainable access to test strips. Upon writing this, they are currently 2 months without access to their brand of test strips.

Some families have access to a few more expensive strips from different monitors but this is even less sustainable than before!

In turn many children will struggle with proper blood control. This coupled with a lack of information and emergency health care leads to complications and unfortunately death (especially a problem in more rural areas).


We propose a plan that is essentially to gather as many strips as possible for them. The brand they use predominantly is TRUE RESULT from NIPRO. The strips are TRUE TEST. These are the most affordable option. Here is our suggested plan of action:

  1. Work out how many children exactly need these strips. Then work out how many they need a day. Then times the 2 and set a target for a number of strips that would support X number of kids for Y numbers of days
  2. Gather up as many TRUE TEST strips as possible.
  3. Raise money to buy some TRUE TEST STRIPS
  4. Get companies and maybe even NIPRO to donate or fund some of these strips
  5. Find out what other monitors people have and therefore what strips they need.
  6. Ask for any spare donations of these strips if possible.
  7. In the meantime, we are gathering as many spare test strips and monitors that anyone has available- maybe you switched to a new monitor and don’t use yours? Anything you have will be lifesaving for a child in Bolivia. This offers us a short term solution to giving them access to strips whilst we work on getting their regular strips

Strips and supplies can be sent to us in the UK which we will then send out in one go.

What do the children need from you:

We would need a partner / partners in America who can collect all US donations and then Victor Trokoudes will be the recipient of all US strips and then be responsible for posting them to Bolivia. We aim to provide funding for this postage of course. Please email us at enquiries@dreambigtravelfarblog.com, or use the contact form.

Secondly, we need people who have access to any of the strips mentioned above and who can send them to a collection point, which will be either with us in the UK or with Victor Trokoudes US. More on this coming soon, but again for any questions email: enquiries@dreambigtravelfarblog.com

Thirdly, we need donations that will fund the delivery of these across to Bolivia. Any leftover funds will be used to purchase more strips outright, so all donations will make a massive difference. Here is a link to the fundraising page.

Please be aware, initially donations will be used to fund our first project, Life Saving Information. Check that out too, and once that project is nearing completion we will be focusing all time and resources to this project.

This is an amazing opportunity to save and change someone's life and any support is not only going to be appreciated by us, but by every parent and child in Bolivia suffering everyday.

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