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Preparing For South America - The Checklist!

Written by:
Cazzy Magennis
Last updated:
January 25, 2018
With 4 months backpacking through South America, some preparation is needed. When you are a type one diabetic ... A LOT of preparation is needed!
Checklist for South America
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It can seem a little overwhelming... But, not to fear, I have planned out my own little checklist in the form of blog posts, so you know, and I know when I have got things sorted! You can use this “checklist” as a guide for yourself when preparing for any sort of trip…

So many questionswhen travelling with Type 1 diabetes
So many questions!!!!!!!

1. Getting your appointments in check! Finding your feet

2. Getting your appointments in check! Eye spy

3. The South America injection guide. Will they affect my diabetes?

4. How to pack a backpack for South America with all my supplies?!- the impossible, is possible!

5. What to be aware of when you travel with a Type 1 Diabetic

6. Travel Insurance- How not to get ripped off with type 1 diabetes

7. Diabetic travel hacks to make your journey easier! 

8. Diabetic ID- Do I realllyyy need to wear one? (Simple answer- yes)

9. The perks of travelling with a Type 1 Diabetic

10. What to do in an emergency- The South America edition (Don’t panic, I have you covered!)

11. Altitude sickness & diabetes- What do I do? (Will being high make me high?..hmmm)

12. Travelling partner

13. Survival guide to travelling with a Type 1 diabetic

So make sure you subscribe to our newsletters so you never miss a blog! These will lead us up to the day we take off to South America & I can't wait to share my adventures with all of you!! Get involved on the blogs in the comments sections & share your experiences, tips & questions!


Checklist for South America

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