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Your Definitive Guide To KFC In South America

Written By:
Bradley Williams
Last Updated:
April 10, 2020
4 months from away from home is simply too long for any hardcore fried chicken lover like myself, here’s your go-to-guide for eating KFC South America.
Eating KFC in South America
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I've just realised I sound a little obsessive, but don't
worry I don't spend my nights dreaming of Kentucky Fried chicken. Though who
doesn't like the odd taste of home away from home huh?

We managed to track down a KFC branch in 4 out of the 6
countries we visited (Bolivia doesn't have it yet and we missed the one in

So for a bit of fun, here's the definitive ranking of where to find
the best KFC in South America:

p.s. once you're done here, be sure to check out my list of the actual top places to go in South America that aren't KFC-related! ;)

KFC Cusco, Peru
Who doesn't love a good 8-piece bucket

#4 Santiago, Chile

Sorry Santiago, I loved you as a city, but on the fried
chicken front it was a major let down. We bought a 3 person wrap meal (don’t
judge it was a cheap deal) but unfortunately the seasoning lacked that familiar
taste and it was all a bit too soggy.

Some of the worst chicken we've had and it put us off for
a while.
A shame seeing as the city is full of KFC restaurants.

Side note: their KFC in Chile comes with mini empanadas (the local delicacy which are similar to pasties) which is a bit different.

KFC buenos aires argentina
A decent selection Chile, but it doesn't quite do it for me

#3 Buenos Aires, Argentina

We arrived in Buenos Aires not long after our dreaded journey down the Amazon. With no food to eat for a week (that didn't make us sick) there was little to do but dream of fantasy food.

KFC was never far from my mind.

So when we arrived in Buenos Aires we quickly hunted down the closest outlet and went wild. It was original recipe chicken, mash and gravy all round. The seasoning was not the same as what were used to and the mash left something to be desired, but overall it was a pleasant meal.

I just wish I was 10 years younger, as they still have kids play centres in their restaurants (something the UK health and safety regulations managed to clear of years ago!).

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#2 Cali, Columbia

All of a sudden the
recipe they use is very much similar to what we are used to! I went for the
popcorn chicken meal and was not let down.

Variety seems crazy in Cali as well and most meals come
on an actual plate with beans and rice, rather than the usual cardboard box.

KFC Cali, Colombia
Decent popcorn chicken!

#1 Cusco, Peru

This is where South America really came into its own and
showed its fellow nations who is King.

With an 8 piece bargain bucket for just £5 and a recipe
essentially the same as that of the UK, we finally met our champion. 6,000
miles from home our search was over.

No more longing and wondering ... we had found our oasis
of Kentucky fried chicken, all the way out there in the midst of South America.

I hope you enjoyed this article and that a weary lonesome traveller will one day find this article whilst in Peru. If anyone has a food they simply can't go without when travelling let me know in the comments (surely I can't be alone in my love for KFC???).

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