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Finding Your Feet

Written By:
Cazzy Magennis
Last Updated:
April 10, 2020
Travelling with Diabetes can be a strain on your feet, and it's VITAL you not only know the signs of problems arising, but also how to keep them safe.
Shoes for feet
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So I'm now in full swing preparation for my trip to South America. I'm attending all my appointments for my check ups to make sure all is okay and to let them know what I am doing and any advice they may have for me! My first one was with the podiatrist, and it went very well and thankfully my feet are great! (Yay).

So, here are my top 5 tips based on my own experience & advice from my podiatrist!

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1. Just make the appointment

It is ESSENTIAL you get regular feet checkups- if it's not twice a year, make sure it is ONCE a year. It will be a lot harder to travel with neuropathy, or no feet. Make sure all is okay!

2. Ask for supplies

When you make your appointment, never be afraid to ask for dressings, antiseptic supplies etc, I did and I now have a full dressing kit, ready to go incase of emergencies whilst abroad. These will be free from your nurse/doctor in the UK, perhaps in the USA they would be included under insurance (any Americans can let me know!) & as for the rest, I don't fully know, but I am eager to find out!

3. Sun cream your feet regularly

Sunburnt feet for a diabetic is just disastrous- and it is easy to forget about the little ones when you're layering the rest of your body- unfortunately I'm typical irish and burn like a match, but even if you do tan (lucky! :( ) please still protect your feet!!

4. Wear sensible shoes

To be honest, when someone first showed me a pair of shoes that were “perfect” for a diabetic, I said no way, they are hideous, but when travelling for long periods of time, with all that walking & activity, you need to be smart and sensible with your choice of footwear. Good walking shoes- whether that's in the form of trainers, or decent walking scandals, it's essential you get something comfortable for your feet! I am investing in a decent pair of hiking boots, and walking shoes, and I chose a pair from Trespass because they are wide fitting, waterproof & comfortable!

5. Listen to your feet

If you are walking for hours and you're cramping or your feet are dried out, rest, moisture, massage. Do everything your feet are crying out for you to do! Check them every single day- it literally takes less than one minute!!

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