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Eating & Drinking In Rome

Written By:
Cazzy Magennis
Last Updated:
December 9, 2018
With a vast amount of pizza, pasta and paninis available ...you will never go hungry! But where do you even start!? There's so much to choose from!
Eating in Rome
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Eating in Rome doesn't need to be super expensive, it's good value if you stick to your budget and don't eat in a Michelin star restaurant!

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Where did we eat?

Le 2 Colonne

We arrived to Rome hungry and eager to sample our first pizza. We took a walk around the Termini area and came across a cute little outdoor pizzeria beside the wonderful Santa Maria Maggiore building. The restaurant was called “Le 2 Colonne” and we had two massive pizzas, a coffee and water for a total of €23, we added on 2 euro tip and spent a total of €25! It was a little above what I'd expect to pay for pizza, but for its nice location, lovely staff, and massive pizzas, we left full and satisfied.

Pizza place in Rome
First stop

Queen Chips Amsterdam

If this doesn't cure hunger pains, I don't know what else will! It costs €5 euro for a jumbo cone of chips with one sauce topping. When I say jumbo, I mean jumbo! We ate here on two occasions, and shared a jumbo cone. The chips were fresh and yummy! A perfect on the go lunch or snack!

Panini shops galore

 They are everywhere, and with a range of prices, but as a guide, I wouldn't expect to pay anymore than €4 for a panini! I found a lovely little shop in the back roads that sold the most delicious paninis for €3.50!  Unfortunately I forgot to take a picture of the cafe as my hunger pains had taken over me, but if you search you will find your own hidden gem!

Queen Chips store in Rome
This made us very happy!

DIY lunch

Rome has lots of wonderful sights to enjoy- so stop at the shop, buy some bread and sandwich fillings and make yourself a packed lunch to enjoy at any location! Cheap and cheerful!

Pane & Salame 

This is the number one rated restaurant in Rome on TripAdvisor. Unfortunately, the queue was long to get seated and we were super hungry so we had to give it a miss! It isn't overly expensive, and the food looks delicious, so if you are lucky enough to get a seat, give it a go! It is located by the Trevi Fountain, so take in the view, throw in a coin then grab a bite!

Pane & Salame
Number 1 rated on TripAdvisor!

What did we drink?


Water fountains are ALL over Rome, and they are drinkable. So refill your bottles of water frequently to enjoy a free drink!


Some restaurants charge up to €3 for a can of coke/diet coke etc. Head to a supermarket and get one for as low as 90 cents and stock up so you can bring them with you on your sightseeing trips.


Wine is cheap cheap cheap, in a supermarket you can get a  big bottle of Wine for €1.50. Grab this, two plastic cups and create your own romantic picnic in Rome!

Drinking out in Rome isn't cheap, but the student area of Rome (Trastevere) does great deals on cocktails and most places in Rome offer a happy hour, so it's best to drink then if you are going to drink out. Alternatively, buy alcohol in, we bought a 700ml bottle of vodka and the famous limoncello and some apple juice for less than a total of €10, and tadaa, we made our own homemade apple-tinis to enjoy at our hotel. We also splashed out on a bottle of champagne for €10,(but you can get it as cheap as € 1.99), so drinking in Roma does not have to break the bank!

Champagne in Rome
When in Rome ...

A few last tips…

  1. There are supermarkets that the locals use, and then there are supermarkets that are tourist traps. Find a local! You will know it's local because it will be big, busy and have locals in it! This is where prices are cheap, whereas the tourist trap ones are overpriced and you will feel pressured into buying something when you enter.
  2. Pizza by weight! A lot of pizza is sold by weight in Rome- which is perfect if you just want a light snack and it will also be light on your budget too. Some people avoid the less “pretty” looking places that advertise cheap prices because they think there is something wrong with them, I am here to tell you 9/10 there is not! The pizza is yummy and the prices are great and you will often find this is where locals will eat.

We have proved that Rome does not need to be expensive, and can be enjoyed on ANY budget. Happy travels!

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