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Ramona Stanek

Hello! I'm Ramona, 25 and living in the city of Nuremberg in Southern Germany. 

I got diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes in the year 2000, when I was just about eight years old - well, that was not exactly what I expected from the new millenium, but obviously you can't help it! 

Since I grew up with the disease, I am pretty used to it all and can't even remember life before Diabetes, so it never stopped me from doing all the things I wanted to do anyway - and that is, most important, travelling!

My passion for countries that are far, far away led me all around the globe and also to my decision to study Geography. I do still use pens instead of a pump (sure, pumps are a great tool, but I just can't get comfy with the idea of this thing permanently attached to my body...), and the FreeStyle Libre since a few months.

My blog www.flugzucker.de (sorry, it's in German!) is, of course, about travelling and the life with T1D, but also covers topics like tattoos - my other passion. Well, once you get used to needles, you just can't stop :D 

And here's a little explanation for the non-German-speakers: "Flugzucker" is a word play with "Flug", which means "to fly", and "Zucker", which means "sugar", and sounds quite similar to the German word for blood glucose levels: Blutzucker. 

So thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy my guest posts here! :)

Diabetes and Tattoos cover image
Diabetes And Tattoos: Here's The Lowdown
Ramona Stanek